Toyota Innova 2017 Wagon New For Sale in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • 2017
  • Semi-automatic
  • Category: Wagon

  • Make: Toyota

  • Model: Innova

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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date of offer : 2018-03-15

information about Toyota Innova

Auto Status: New

Auto Own By: Second Hand

Color: Brown

Air Condition: Not Applicable

Security & Environment

ABS ESP Slidins Door Protection Roof E10 Fog lamp




Full Service History Warranty Taxi Paying by installments The possibility of another car Carfax vehicle history reports
متوفر لدينا نوفا ٢٠١٧ قير تماتيك قزاز كهرب سعودي لون ابيض وفضي

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